Mile High Magazine 10/18/2020 Brothers Redevelopment

Guest: Jeff Martinez the President of Brothers Redevelopment Brothers Redevelopment is a long established housing non-profit based in Denver, they provide housing and housing related services to low income, elderly and disabled residents across the state of Colorado. Since March, their calls have increased by 400% due to COVID. Some of these people have immediate needs paying their rent or paying their rent down the road. Anyone can call; they just need to demonstrate their hardships due to COVID. There is no age limit. It does not need to be for just rental assistance, if you need help painting your house, a new water heater ect. You can visit their website to see all of the programs they offer. 844-926-6632 brihousingassist.org https://brothersredevelopment.org/

Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2020   |   Runtime: 30:08