Mile High Magazine 09/05/2021 Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance

Guest: Jeanene Smith Associate Director and Jodi’s Race Director September is ovarian cancer awareness month.  There is no test for ovarian cancer.  Some of the symptoms to look for are bloating, abdominal pressure or pain, feeling more full or not eating as much, and urinary frequency.  The majority of cases are diagnosed in late stages when their cancer has spread and is more difficult to treat.  Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance has six monthly support groups, they are  held virtually.  They offer individual consoling as well.  They also have a financial assistance program to help women with cost of living expenses.  They have been expanding their services, they do not want women to feel like they are in this alone.   https://www.colo-ovariancancer.org/

Published: Tuesday, September 07, 2021   |   Runtime: 15:02