The Drive | Hour 2 | 03.17.23

Hour 2 of The Drive leads in with a funny situation where DMac teaches Dan a lesson on how not to be old! Where do the guys stand with the Broncos right now? Dan calls out DMac for flip flopping again. DMac tries to explain how Sean Payton will fix the Broncos but he dips into his past to make his point. Who would the guys rather have: DeMeco Ryans or Sean Payton? Dan is pressing DMac for his belief in the Broncos, but can they find common ground? Our Denversports.com Nuggets Analyst Jake Shapiro joins The Drive. Jake talks about the Nuggets finally responding to adversity. Also, can the Nuggets afford to have their back up against the wall moving forward? DMac and Dan discuss how Nikola Jokic’s stock is taking a hit right now. | Dre’Mont Jones goes on Brock and Salk in Seattle to discuss his time with the Broncos. Jones details where it all went wrong. Did Dre’Mont expose the obvious or open a new can of worms? Dan explains the totality of ineptitude that has led to some guys leaving the Broncos. Dan is disappointed in Russell Wilson and he can’t believe all of the stains on his name after one year but Dan keys in on one major issue. Does Russell Wilson get it? | Our 9 News Broncos Insider Mike Klis joins The Drive. Dre’Mont Jones says goodbye to Broncos Country. Mike details why Jones and the Broncos couldn’t get a deal done. Mike also talks about why Zach Allen got the nod over Dre’Mont. How much drama within the Broncos locker room led Dre’Mont to say what he said earlier today? Mike gives everyone an update on the WR Rumors and who could be on the move.

Published: Saturday, March 18, 2023   |   Runtime: 40:51