The Drive | Hour 3 | 02.07.24

Hour 3 of The Drive relives Super Bowl 50 as the Denver Broncos beat Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Zach and Phil discuss what they remember about that moment and how it impacted them personally. | Coach Prime and Colorado are zeroing in on a Defensive Coordinator and the guys react to the breaking news! Nick Saban has a new home and Zach has one wish for him in his new venture. | Zach and Phil give their reactions to some comments from the Super Bowl about what the Broncos QB situation is right now. Phil explains why he agrees with his former teammate, Matt Ryan. | The NCAA labor laws have created a world where players are on the verge of having more power than the employees of the college. The guys try to make sense of why the NCAA could be in a world of trouble sooner rather than later.

Published: Thursday, February 08, 2024   |   Runtime: 38:31