Mile High Magazine 03/03/2024 Penciv

Guest: Jin Shin Founder, CEO & Mental Wellness Coach Jin Shin calling it to help prevent suicides.  He had his first encounter suicide with suicide at 15.  A friend of a friend was threatening suicide and the only person he would agree to talk to was Jin.  They spoke on the phone for 45 minute and luckily the story had a happy out come.  That person now has a masters degree and two children.  Mental health is about being present. Two mindfulness techniques, reductive and additive, aid this. Reductive mindfulness uses meditation and yoga to refocus our attention. Additive mindfulness addresses lingering unease through reflection therapy and journaling.  The Pencive app, launched in June, supports journaling and emotion identification. It features a feelings wheel and a sharing function where only the author sees responses.

Published: Monday, March 04, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:39