Mile High Magazine 2/19/2023 Eating Disorder Foundation

Guest:  McKenna Ganz Program Administrator Eating Disorder Foundation provides free support services to the community based in Denver.  Since the pandemic, they have gone National.  They have been able to provide support groups and programs virtually.  About 10% of Coloradoans are impacted by eating disorders.  They are also seeing a lot of problems with people and body images and their relationship with food.  Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses.  Binge eating is the largest category of an eating disorder people fall into.  Binge eating is when people will over eating or compulsive eating or even feeling anxiety around food.  Recovery is possible and there is hope.  Eating Disorder Awareness week is February 27- March 5th.  This year’s theme is Its Time for Change.      https://eatingdisorderfoundation.org/

Published: Monday, February 20, 2023   |   Runtime: 14:37