Mile High Magazine 10/17/2021 Roberta’s Legacy

Guest: Harry Lozinski Founder Harry’s wife Roberta passed away from breast cancer in 2015.  The hope in the beginning was to help two families and now they are helping 18.  Roberta’s Legacy walks beside breast cancer patients who are struggling financially and stick with the family until they are back on their feet.  They stay in contact with the patient on a weekly basis to make sure they have what they need.  Roberta’s Legacy has collaborated with local business to help with things like house cleaning and yard work as well as other businesses a person might need.  People can donate on their website.  They have an online auction starting called Wreaths of Hope.  Also starting in November is Roberta’s stocking stuffers to help these families get Christmas presents.          https://robertaslegacy.org/

Published: Tuesday, October 19, 2021   |   Runtime: 14:44