Denver Sports Tonight | 01.12.24

DST sees the writing on the wall on this Frigid Friday! Cecil Lammey brings the heat by identifying why Courtland Sutton said goodbye in so many words on Instagram. The Broncos want to do a lot of things in the NFL draft but some fan favorites may be sent away for that to happen. Cecil slams the Broncos for putting themselves in this position. Also, how many other Broncos see the writing on the wall for their future with the Broncos? | PS2 and James Merilatt are going back and forth on twitter. Should Micah be a Bronco right now? Cecil talks about why PS2 was the right choice in 2021. He lays out the reasoning behind why you must trust what you have over what you could have. | The Chicago Bears may keep Justin Fields and draft Caleb Williams! Cecil talks about how much stock you should buy into the chatter around Caleb and Justin.

Published: Saturday, January 13, 2024   |   Runtime: 41:20