Mile High Magazine 05/12/2024 Vitalant

Guest:  Brooke Way Communications Manager  Vitalant is non profit blood service provider, they are the primary blood provider in Colorado.  Every May they do a donate for mothers campaign, the goal is to raise awareness for mothers who experience childbirth complications or emergencies giving birth and may need blood transfusions.  There are over 40 blood drives across the state in May.  Vitalant needs to collect 600 units of blood a day to meet patient demand.   Summertime is the lowest time for blood donations.  Donating blood takes less then an hour from start to finish, the process is quick and easy.  One in 83 moms will need a blood transfusion after giving birth, for anyone who donates blood in May, they will be entered to win an $83 gift card.    

Published: Monday, May 13, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:01