Mile High Magazine 06/21/2020 and 06/28/2020 Vitalant

Guest: Liz Lambert Marketing & Communications Manager Vitalant is formally Bonfils Center; they are a blood center where Coloradoans can donate blood.  They are a network of blood centers covering 40 different states.  Summer is typically a touch time to get an ample supply of blood but COVID has really affected blood donations.  Vitalant has had to cancel a lot of their mobile blood drives and they are encouraging people to come to their centers to donate blood.  If you donate blood, Vitalant is automatically checking for the COVID antibodies.  This does not mean if you think you have COVID they will test you (please stay home), this means they will see if they were exposed they would know it.  If they had COVID they might be able to donate plasma to be studies for those who are fitting the virus.  https://www.vitalant.org/

Published: Thursday, June 25, 2020   |   Runtime: 14:55