Mile High Magazine 07/26/2020 MaxFund

Guest: Alexa Beale They started in 1988, they are Denver's only no-kill shelters, and specializes in cats and dog.  With COVID-19 they had to stop the adoptions for about a month and half.  They were able to place 50% of the animals in foster homes, which helped them to have a shorter staff in the building as well as less food needed in the shelter.  Donations and foster parents are needed right now.  Anyone that is looking to adopt a pet should visit their website, call the shelter and let them know what one you are looking at, and they will schedule an appointment for you to visit the pet.  They do not do same day adoptions so just now the process can take a few days.     https://maxfund.org/

Published: Wednesday, July 29, 2020   |   Runtime: 15:02