Mile High Magazine 06/02/2024 Sober AF Entertainment

Guest: Duke Rumely Founder Sober AF Entertainment (S.A.F.E) started when Duke  noticed there wasn’t a secondary culture for kids at music festivals or at sporting events.  The idea is to give people an alternative if they do choose to go substance free at an event.  They set up the sober support tailgates before sporting events and before concerts even inside music festivals.  They even offer sober sections inside sporting events and concerts.  In the last three years over 100,000 people per year have died in the United States of accidental drug overdose.  In the 1990’s,we only lost like 10,000 people per year to drug overdose.  There is no age limit to attend events with Sober AF Entertainment, they have a phrase you can recover together.  They have a lot of events coming up this summer, check out there website if you would like to attend an event.       

Published: Monday, June 03, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:57