The Drive | Hour 1 | 02.02.24

Hour 1 of The Drive reminds Jamal Murray that it is about how you start when it comes to the All-Star Game! How far off was Jamal from making the All-Star Ballot? | Colin Cowherd saw the future as he predicted what the Las Vegas Raiders would do at OC. What does that have to do with Caleb Willaims? Zach and Phil tie it altogether as Caleb Williams has the ball in his court regarding where he lands at number 1. | Sean Payton doesn’t start rookies so why is everyone assuming the Broncos will draft a rookie QB? Phil tells the infamous story of the time he played Ian Book when he was forced to play for the New Orleans Saints. | The guys had time to ponder in the break why Sean Payton doesn’t like rookie QB’s and they chose to follow the bread crumbs. Sean Payton is a huge fan of Mac Jones but is he worth the risk now?

Published: Saturday, February 03, 2024   |   Runtime: 40:06