Mile High Magazine 07/05/2020 Ronald McDonald House

Guest: Jonna Busack Marketing & Corporate Partnerships Ronald McDonald House-Denver Ronald McDonald House has been working to keep families with sick kids together.  When COVID hit, RMHC had 102 families in the house.  As families checked out, they did not let anyone new in.  They took that time to deep clean the rooms and do some needed repairs.  They are now slowly let new families back in.  RMHC had to stop any visitors from coming into the house, this included volunteers.  They have still been able to provide the rooms to the families at no cost.  They rely on donations from the community and RMHC as well as other non-profits, giving has been on a decline.  They have had to postpone the Story Book Ball too hopefully in September.  They have also moved their block party to virtual that will take place the end of July.  If someone wants to donate, they can go online and there is options to host their own virtual block party.  RMHC can use donations of catered meals to help feed the families.              https://rmhc-denver.org/

Published: Wednesday, July 08, 2020   |   Runtime: 15:00