Mile High Magazine 01/07/2024 Colorado Human Trafficking Council

Guest: Maria Trujillo Human Trafficking is the exploitation of someone for their compelled labor, through commercial sex or it could be other forced labor.  This is someone who is forcing, defrauding or coercion to work in a particular area and they are not receiving any pay or any benefits.  Human Trafficking happens here in Colorado to all genders, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Human Trafficking every day and all over the state.  It could be hard to spot someone that is being trafficked since it can look different for every person.  Somethings you can look for are common sign risk factors like, is someone being paid very little, they owe money to their employer for housing or food, are they having to constantly checking in with someone.  Most trafficking situations do not happen with a stranger, the person works very hard to develop a trusting relationship to develop that relationship. Colorado Human Trafficking Hotline - 866-455-5075      Text line – 720-999-9724

Published: Monday, January 08, 2024   |   Runtime: 16:01