Mile High Magazine 02/14/2021 Molly Brown House Museum

Guest: Andrea Malcomb Director Historic Denver’s Molly Brown House Museum enhances Denver’s unique identity by telling the story of Margaret “Molly” Brown’s activism, philanthropy and passion through educational programs, exhibits, and stewardship. One of the fun holidays Victorians emphasized was Valentine’s Day.  In 1840, Great Britain introduced the Penny Post, meaning that Valentine cards could be mailed for just one penny. That’s when the mass produced Valentine card was born. So many Valentines were sent that mailmen were paid extra.  Rather than purchase a ready-made valentine, Margaret would have done what many Victorians did—make handmade Valentines from materials like lace, bits of mirror, bows and ribbons, seashells and seeds, gold and silver foil appliqués, silk flowers, etc. https://mollybrown.org/

Published: Wednesday, February 17, 2021   |   Runtime: 14:56