Mile High Magazine 07/04/2021 Veterans to Farmers

Guest: Richard L. Murphy Co-Founder & E.D. The idea started with Richard and his co-founder Buck who were both veterans and had an agriculture background and saw how gardening was helping them.  The garden is a place that is calm and quiet.  They had their first class in 2014 and now have offered classes graduate their 160th veteran.  They partnered with places such CSU extension department and Denver Botanic Gardens to help them build the program.  The offer a market farming class that is 21 weeks, that focuses on what it takes to grow a garden in certain areas.  It shows the full process of farming.  The other class is a controlled environmental agriculture, it is a 10 week course and focuses on greenhouse gardening.  They also offer smaller classes.  There is no cost for the veterans and the long term classes offer the veterans a stipend.        https://www.veteranstofarmers.org/

Published: Tuesday, July 06, 2021   |   Runtime: 14:21