Mile High Magazine 02/07/2021 National COVID Update

Guest: Dr John Torres The problem right now with the vaccine is there is not enough people to administer the vaccine.  On a national level, there has been some push back to get the vaccine but for the most part majorities of people have been on board to get it.  The concern is people are having is of how fast the vaccine rolled out.  Dr. Torres is wanting people to know that the second shot the side effects might be a little more intense but will still not be bad.  Johnson and Johnson is coming out with a one shot vaccine that is only going to be 72% affective.  The Johnson and Johnson shot looked at preventing severe COVID or death from COVID while the other two are to prevent you from getting COVID over all.  The vaccine will depend on human behavior; it will keep the variants under control.  That means people would have to get the vaccine every couple of years.  If the virus still spreads quickly, then it will be likely that you will have to get the vaccine every year.       

Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2021   |   Runtime: 15:13