Mile High Magazine 01/21/2024 Dry January

Guest: Dr. Jody Ryan Chief Medical Officer for WellPower, formerly Mental Health Center of Denver Dry January started as a public health challenge in the UK in 2013.  It gained popularity and 35% of Americans participated last year.  People double the amount they drink in a year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  People will use January as a reset to get their health back on track.  A fifth of millennials and a quarter of gen z were unable to stay dry so they did damp January.  Damp January might be being more mindful so maybe cutting back one day a week or even one drink when you go out.  The truth is no amount of alcohol is health.  Alcohol is a toxin that helps people feel more relaxed but it can cause inflammation and can cause liver cancer and heart disease. 

Published: Monday, January 22, 2024   |   Runtime: 14:21