The Drive | Hour 4 | 05.25.23

Hour 4 of The Drive starts with how Sean Payton is laying the foundation. How effective will it be? Russell Wilson looks ready for the season, but will he truly be ready? Derek takes everyone into the locker room and discuss how the guys will win 12 games under the new regime. Mase and the guys talk about bonding during the misery. Will the Broncos have field day this year? | Gilbert Arenas, former Washington Wizards star PG, joins JJ Redick on his podcast. Gilbert says some unbelievable stuff about Nikola Jokic. Derek goes off! Mike Greenburg doubles down on his takes but does it highlight the ultimate issue in this country? | Will the Boston Celtics make the comeback from down 3-0? Derek talks about the movie last night with his daughter. 

Published: Thursday, May 25, 2023   |   Runtime: 41:07