Mile High Magazine 06/02/2024 City of Arvada

Guest: Rachael Kuroiwa Communications Director In 1904, the residents of Arvada voted to incorporate into a town at the time. This summer marks 120 years since that vote. They've grown from around 600 residents at incorporation to over 120,000 spread over two counties, Jefferson and Adams counties.  The city of Arvada ha the first documented gold strike, they had the first King Soppers, they had the first traffic light in Jefferson County, they were also the first celery capitol of the world.  There will be a recognition of the 120th anniversary during the Arvada Chamber of Commerce's Taste of Arvada on July 11th.  There will also be a free celebration at Clear Creek Valley Park on August 24th.     

Published: Monday, June 03, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:24