Denver Sports Tonight | 02.02.24

DST comes in slinging heat with Marcello Romano and Danny Williams. Sean Payton used a rookie QB as his lead guy only once in his coaching career. The guys debate about why the Broncos need to define what type of QB they’re looking for. Danny wonders did the Broncos factor in Sean’s track record before they hired him. The guys try to find a common ground but without a QB, will they ever get there? | Carl Weathers, former star actor, passed away and the guys pay homage. Jamal Murray has another season go by where he’s not an All-Star! Marcello and Danny breakdown why Jamal’s HOF legacy is being impacted as we speak. Can Jokic win his 3rd regular season MVP? | The fellas discuss what would happen to Lebron’s legacy if he wins a championship for the New York Knicks! The guys end the show by giving their official Super Bowl predictions.

Published: Saturday, February 03, 2024   |   Runtime: 42:42