Mile High Magazine 10/23/2022 Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Guest: Michelle SieWhitten, Co-Founder, President & CEO Global Down Syndrome Foundation started in 2009 after Michelle’s daughter was born with the goal to focus on research and medical care. Down syndrome is when a child with born with three copies of chromosome 21 and not two.  People with Down syndrome are highly predisposed to autoimmune disease and Alzheimer.  On the protection side, it would be rare for someone with Down syndrome to get a solid tumor the exception being testicular.  The Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show is coming up on November 12th.  It is the largest fundraise for people with Down syndrome in the world.  It features 20+ models who rock the run way and they are escorted by celebrities.  www.bebeautifulbeyourself.org

Published: Monday, October 24, 2022   |   Runtime: 15:02