Mile High Magazine 04/07/2024 Bridge of Hope Denver

Guest: Veronika Clark Executive Director Bridge of Hope Denver mission is to end homelessness for single mothers and their children in the Denver metro area.  They have have three unique elements in our mission.   The first is that we provide safe and stable housing for the families.  The second is they have intense case management so that they can learn life skills including.  They offer career development which includes education.  The third element is matching them with a group of neighboring volunteers which becomes a support community for the families.  Over the last three years, they have seen an increase of over 300% in calls with from families who are in need.  After graduation, they track the moms for five years so that they don't get back into the same situation, and they have seen an 87% success rate.

Published: Monday, April 08, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:38