Mile High Magazine 04/28/2024 Love Old Buildings Expo

Guest: Alison Salutz Historic Denver People love historic buildings or houses and own/ live in them but can get overwhelmed by knowing if something would be a big concern or what the maintenance they should be doing on the property.  Historic Denver is hosting an expo that will be bring in masonry, window experts, flooring departments that will help people better understand what they need.  There will also be sessions with experts that would talk about people could face when owning an older property.  The expo is on May 18th from 12p-4p, there is a small cost to attend the event.  When the expo ends guest can walk down to the Molly Brown house, there they will be talking about some of the projects they have done at the house.  May is National Preservation Month Historic Denver has bunch of events going on.  Another event is on May 22nd that will be a walking tour and you will even get to go into some of the historic buildings in Denver.  

Published: Monday, April 29, 2024   |   Runtime: 15:51