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The Broncos have to take a quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft

After eight years of trying to find a quick fix, Denver needs to make a long-term investment, go big and take a franchise QB in round one
9 days ago

Should the Broncos draft a quarterback or look into free agency?

The solution for replacing Russell Wilson isn't an easy one, but it can be found if the Broncos are willing to make a bold move
16 days ago

Three free-agent wide receivers who could help the Broncos in ’24

After a relatively unproductive season from their current group, Denver needs to upgrade their wide receiver room via the free-agent market
30 days ago

Who should be the Broncos starting quarterback in 2024?

As Denver embarks on another search for an answer behind center, opting for some consistency at the position would be a wise decision
1 month ago

The MVP of the 2023 Broncos was actually a player on offense

Courtland Sutton is the Broncos No. 1 WR and had an incredibly successful season; his 10 touchdowns are currently third among NFL wideouts
2 months ago

Wilson’s time in Denver will be remembered for good and bad

While most people will look at the trade for the veteran quarterback as a failure, there were some positive moments during his Broncs tenure
2 months ago

Broncos have experienced the Lazarus Effect… and it’s not over yet

Left for dead at 1-5, the Broncos have risen from the ashes to become a playoff contender, a phenomenon that shouldn't be over just yet
2 months ago

Russell Wilson needs to be the Broncos starting QB in 2024

If the Broncos were to trade for another QB or draft someone, it would be detrimental to the organization's progress over the last few years
3 months ago

Sean Payton is making a strong case for NFL Coach of the Year

The Broncos head coach has transformed the organization, turning them into a winner in his first season, an accomplishment worth celebrating
3 months ago

Is the Broncos performance during winning streak sustainable?

It hasn't been pretty, but the Broncos have won four-straight games to get into playoff contention; but can they keep it up down the stretch?
3 months ago

Broncos need to stick to their formula in showdown with Vikings

The Broncos have found a recipe for success in their last three games, a plan they need to stick with on "Sunday Night Football"
3 months ago

Sean Payton is finally making his mark on the Broncos organization

After a slow start, the impact of Denver's first-year head coach is beginning to become apparent, as the Broncos are trending up
4 months ago

Will the Broncos be able to make a playoff run after their bye week?

Back-to-back wins changed the game plan in Denver, putting a fire sale on hold and turning the second half of the season into a playoff chase
4 months ago

A win against the Chiefs would only hide the truth from the Broncos

Ending their 16-game losing streak to an AFC West rival would be nice, but a win over K.C. wouldn't help Denver get on the right path
4 months ago

Are the Broncos in line for a from-the-ground-up rebuild?

Expensive quick fixes have once again failed to solve the problem, showing that the Broncos need to take the harder path moving forward
4 months ago

Broncos have a chance to turn this season around against the Jets

If Denver is able to knock off New York on Sunday, they'll improve to 2-3 and climb right back into the thick of things in the AFC
5 months ago

Broncos 0-3 start is a concern, but is there light at the end of the tunnel?

There is still time for the Broncos to right the ship in 2023, but it's all contingent on their quarterback taking on a much-needed role
5 months ago

Is the Broncos slow start to the season worth being concerned about?

While an 0-2 record is disappointing, it shouldn't be shocking; the process of improving under Sean Payton wasn't going to happen overnight
5 months ago

Are the Colorado Buffaloes the most-prominent team in the state?

Move over Broncos, as there's a new sheriff in town; Coach Prime has made the Buffs the biggest sports story in the state, by a mile
5 months ago

Is the season opener the biggest game of Russell Wilson’s career?

After a disastrous first season in Denver, the Broncos quarterback needs to get his make-or-break year off to a good start against the Raiders
6 months ago

What will be considered a success this season in Broncos Country?

Does Denver just need to take a step in a positive direction after last year's 5-12 debacle or do the Broncos need to reach the 10-win mark?
6 months ago

Should the Broncos trade for running back Jonathan Taylor?

The NFL's leading rusher from 2021 has been given permission to seek a trade, with Denver among the teams interested in the star runner
6 months ago

Five things we need to see from the Broncos on Saturday night

As they look to redeem themselves this week, these are five key things we need to see from the Broncos to win in Santa Clara
6 months ago

The first look at Broncos starting offense is a bit concerning

While there was definitely some areas of improvement, the Sean Payton / Russell Wilson pairing wasn't clicking on all cylinders on Friday
7 months ago