James Merilatt

James Merilatt

James Merilatt has been covering Denver sports for more than 20 years. As the founder of Mile High Sports, he's worked in print, radio and online. He also spent time working for the Denver Broncos and Colorado Mammoth during his career.

George Paton hints at disappointing offseason in Broncos Country

During his annual press conference at the NFL Scouting Combine, the Broncos general manager reiterated the team's conservative plans
3 days ago

Michael Malone is undervaluing the importance of the No. 1 seed

The Nugget had homecourt advantage in every round of the playoffs last year, which was a big reason why they won their first-ever title
4 days ago

Greg Penner has to answer one question: Who’s the boss?

The looming decision with Russell Wilson has the Broncos about to make a franchise-altering mistake, unless their owner stops the madness
10 days ago

Joe Parker is out at CSU, as the Rams seek a new athletic director

Failures on the football field, across three different head coaches, ultimately cost the Colorado State AD his job after nearly nine years
11 days ago

Travis Kelce has cringe-worthy moment at Chiefs celebration

The Chiefs tight end didn't just enjoy the moment during his team's Super Bowl parade; he once again annoyed the sports world
15 days ago

The Broncos aren’t doing anything to end the Chiefs dynasty

As Kansas City hoisted their third Super Bowl trophy in the last five years, it served as a reminder that Denver isn't close to competing
18 days ago

Do the math before considering QB options for the Broncos

While some quarterbacks might make sense in Denver with Sean Payton, cash and salary cap implications might not make them an option
23 days ago

It’s time to start questioning Boyle’s underachieving Buffs

With the potential No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft on their roster, Colorado shouldn't be a middle-of-the-pack team in the PAC-12
25 days ago

The Jets found out what the Broncos already knew about Hackett

A recent story in The Athletic detailed what went wrong this year for the Jets, while also providing plenty of clues about 2022 in Denver
27 days ago

Unfortunately, the Broncos are polar opposite of the Niners model

San Francisco is returning to the Super Bowl, largely because of the way they're constructed, which is nothing like the setup in Denver
1 month ago

The AFC West is about to become a gauntlet for the Broncos

In a division they haven't won since 2015, Denver is about to face off against top-flight head coaches and quarterback six times per year
1 month ago

Bills-Chiefs shows that the Broncos aren’t that far from competing

Denver beat Buffalo and Kansas City during the regular season, a sign that they are close to be ready to hang with the AFC powerhouses
1 month ago

The glimpse of Sean Payton’s offense was a bleak experience

After benching Russell Wilson, the Broncos head coach got to show off his system, a trial run that was anything but encouraging for the future
2 months ago

Broncos need a math lesson before moving on from Russell Wilson

The numbers send a very clear message to Greg Penner, Sean Payton, George Paton and anyone else involved in the Russell Wilson decision
2 months ago

Greg Penner should learn from history in Payton-Wilson feud

If the Broncos new owner wants to know who to side with in a power struggle, he should study the Hall of Fame owner that he followed
2 months ago

Broncos anemic offense proves that Sean Payton was fibbing

Sean Payton tried to claim that Russell Wilson was benched for football reasons, which was proven to be untrue in Sunday's snoozefest win
2 months ago

Payton, Surtain, Mims and Broncos Country at fault for latest loss

Denver's crushing loss to New England on Christmas Eve might get blamed on Russell Wilson, but the QB wasn't at fault this time around
2 months ago

Sean Payton joins the “Blame Russ for Everything” club

In an eye-opening moment during the Broncos loss to the Lions, Denver's head coach did what everyone else seems to do - blame Russ
3 months ago

Avalanche had big expectations for a forward they just traded

Tomas Tatar was an offseason signing for Colorado that never panned out; now, the forward is headed to Seattle for minimal compensation
3 months ago

The Broncos are going to make the playoffs thanks to their defense

After a dominant performance in L.A., the Broncos are going to end their playoff drought, and they're going to do it because of their defense
3 months ago

Russell Wilson doesn’t deserve all of the blame for Sunday’s loss

An interception in the end zone with nine seconds left in the game ended the Broncos rally in Houston, but it wasn't on the quarterback
3 months ago

Everyone should jump on board the Broncos bandwagon

After a 1-5 start, no one saw this coming; but now that it's here, it's time for everyone in Broncos Country to enjoy the long-awaited ride
3 months ago

Russell Wilson has his teammates believing that anything is possible

A second-straight game-winning drive by their quarterback has given the Broncos something that makes them a very dangerous team
3 months ago

After win in Buffalo, something special is brewing in Broncos Country

Back-to-back wins over the Chiefs and Bills have thrust the Broncos into the AFC playoff picture, which seemed like a pipe dream weeks ago
4 months ago